Board Meeting Minutes – July 21, 2015

Florida Council for Resource Development


July 21, 2015

9:00 AM (EST) via teleconference


The meeting was called to order at 9:01 am by Ms. Nancy Botero.



Nancy Botero
Maureen Capp
Ann Decker
Judy Green
John Gyllin
Cristie Kedroski
Jennifer Peterson
Monica Rodriguez
Ed Siegel
Jackie Skyrd

Absent: Cindy Bruin, Debbie Douma, Suellen Mann, and Aaron West.


The minutes of the special meeting to discuss nominations on June 17, 2015, were approved.  Motion: Ms. Decker, second Ms. Green. Motion passed.
Ms. Green indicated there were no changes to the last treasurer’s report.

Ms. Botero presented a revision to the bylaws that allows the First Vice Chair to appoint a chair of the annual conference(s).  A secondary correction was necessary that provides for the Second Vice Chair to serve as the Conference Assistant to the Conference Chair. Motion: Dr. Gyllin, second, Ms. Kedroski. Motion passed.

Ms. Capp presented the 2015-16 slate of officers and board members as follows:

First Vice Chair: Aaron West
Second Vice Chair: Jackie Skryd
Secretary: Jennifer Peterson
Treasurer: Judy Green, Cindy Bruin

New Board Members:
Dr. Ellen Burns
Daniel Cronrath

The new directors are replacing Debbie Douma and Ed Siegel whose terms are concluding and maintains the balance of grants/foundation representatives on the board. The nominating committee consisted of the following directors: Maureen Capp (Chair), Nancy Botero, SueEllen Mann, Monica Rodriguez, and Aaron West.

Motion to approve slate with an amendment to identify Cindy Bruin as Conference Treasurer. Motion: Dr. Gyllin, second Ms. Capp.


Executive Committee: Ms. Botero indicated that she no new information to share at this time.

Board Governance: Ms. Capp stated that she is working to prepare information for the board meeting in September and will be sure to invite the new board members to the meeting. Ms. Kedroski will forward the current membership list to Ms. Capp.

Communications: Ms. Rodriguez provided an update on communications initiatives including the newsletter, website, and social media. She noted that college participation for the newsletter was 85% in January, 43% in April, and 68% in July 2015. Six out of 28 colleges (22%) have consistently not provided information for the newsletter over the past three quarters. She also shared an initial calculation for an average/baseline, which was a goal in FCRD’s strategic plan.  It was determined that the baseline calculation should wait until a full year of data is collected. Further, Ms. Rodriguez recommended mail chimp for email service to track the newsletter which provides free email service for up to 2,000 contacts/12,000 emails per month. Ms. Skryd has offered to be the web developer and update the FCRD website. Ms. Rodriquez intends to use increase the use of social media as the website and Facebook page are upgraded. Discussion was had about the merits for eliminating the FCRD webpage and maintaining a Facebook page only in an effort to reduce time and effort. The committee will consider options related to simplifying the workload, while still effectively using our FCRD website and Facebook. A motion was made to set aside $500 for expenses related to the newsletter, website hosting, web updates, and any other FCRD communications needs. Motion: Ann Decker, second, Judy Green. Motion passed.

Goal 1 – Provide World Class Professional Development Opportunities for FCRD: Ms. Capp stated that she plans to invite Mike Brawer from AFC and someone from CASE to the next FCRD conference in September. She is looking for suggestions on a grants professional to bring to the fall or spring FCRD conference. She intends to roundtable discussions at the conference as well.

Ms. Green and Ms. Kedroski noted that data had been collected regarding the goal of defining institutional membership and will revisit this goal.

Goal 2 – Strategically Communicate the Impact of our System: Dr. Gyllin indicated that a PowerPoint outlining the impact of the system with stories and photos has been drafted. The presentation will be shared at the fall conference.

Mr. Siegel indicated that AFC has offered to provide program opportunities to FCRD.  Ms. Capp will set-up a conference call with Mr. Brawer to discuss program sharing opportunities.

Ms. Botero thanked Ms. Skyrd and Ms. Rodriguez on their efforts related to communications.

Dr. Gyllin noted that the FCRD fall conference will be hosted September 29 and 30 with lodging at the Weston hotel in Lake Mary. The FCRD board meeting will be September 29 from 1-4pm.  All conference programing is planned for the Heathrow Campus at Seminole State College to keep costs low. Efforts are being made to make the registration form and information available to interested parties on August 1.  Hotel costs will be $109 per night. The communications committee will send out a save the date notice for the Fall conference.
No old business items were reported.

Ms. Botero and Ms. Kedroski will work to develop minutes for the April 15, 2015 board meeting.


The next FCRD Board meeting will be held September 29 in Orlando.

Motion to adjourn: Dr. Gyllin, second, Ms. Green. The board meeting adjourned at 10:12 am (EST).