Board Meeting Minutes – November 4, 2015

Florida Council for Resource Development


November 4, 2015

Conference Call


The meeting was called to order at 11:04 am by Ms. Maureen Capp.



Ellen Burns
Cindy Bruin
Maureen Capp
Daniel Cronrath
Ann Decker
Cristie Kedroski
Sueellen Mann
Jennifer Peterson
Monica Rodriguez
Jackie Skryd
Aaron West

Absent: Nancy Botero, Judy Green, John Gyllin


The minutes of the November 4, 2015 board meeting were approved.


TREASURER’S REPORT: No report at this time.


It was discussed whether FCRD needed to have a gathering at the AFC conference. Maureen Capp suggested said that maybe next year we could do a presentation at AFC about FCRD. Executive Director of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC), Mr. Mike Brawer, will be following up with Maureen regarding the information he presented at the September 29, 2015 FCRD board meeting about how AFC can partner to provide support services to FCRD. Jackie Skryd asked that Maureen send that information to the FCRD board to review.



EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: No report at this time

BOARD GOVERNANCE: No report at this time, but Suellen Mann stated that she will be talking with Ann Decker regarding board governance.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Monica Rodriguez gave an update on the FCRD Facebook page. The most recent popular posts have been FCRD conference pictures and the Department of Education TRIO Talent Search grant opportunity information. Suellen Mann stated she was gathering some IRS information pertinent to Foundations that can be posted on the FCRD Facebook page. Other topics discussed that are pertinent to Foundations included planned giving and obtaining a CFRE credential. It was suggested that a session should be held at the FCRD Spring conference about obtaining a CFRE.  Please send items you would like posted on the FCRD Facebook page to Monica Rodriguez.

Jackie Skryd noted that there was a 71% participation rate for last FCRD newsletter. Jackie will be sending out a calendar for reminder of quarterly reports.  It was suggested that Jackie also double check the newsletter submission and release dates listed on the FCRD board calendar.



Goal 1 –  Provide World Class Professional Development Opportunities for FCRD

Cristie Kedroski gave an update about work done in January 2015 through reaching out to members.  Feedback included spacing conferences apart more, adding conference sessions about different professional certifications, adding more of the federal voice into conferences and support for Regional meetings and get togethers.

The idea of a fee for membership was discussed, perhaps it could be added to registration fee, or be an institutional fee vs. an individual fee. Monica Rodriguez stated that is important to determine what these fees would be used for. Cristie Kedroski noted that we still need to define FCRD’s membership if we choose to charge a membership fee. It was determined that this conversation would be a good topic for the FCRD face to face board meeting in April 2016.

Goal 2Strategically Communicate the Impact of our System– No report at this time.


Jackie Skryd stated that more people have expressed an interest in holding the FCRD Spring conference in April.  Hotel rates around April 4-6 or April 6-8 are reasonable. Jackie is trying to stay under a $200 per night hotel cost, possibly $170 per night. Maureen said to plan on 60-70 people attending.  If we are able to obtain more sponsors, this could help offset registration costs. Maureen suggested forming a committee for to obtain sponsors. Maureen Capp, Daniel Cronrath, and Ellen Burns volunteered to be on sponsorship committee.  It was discussed that it would be helpful to have a consistent script to use when contacting potential sponsors. The FCRD board agreed to hold the Spring FCRD conference April 6-8, 2016.


The FCRD board will make decision in December regarding AFC support services.

The location of the Fall 2016 FCRD conference was discussed. Miami Dade is interested in hosting. The FCRD board will discuss this at the December board conference call.

Monica Rodriguez noted the importance of communicating our impact as community colleges to the National Science Foundation (NSF), as only 1% of NSF funding goes to community colleges.  This could be a topic to bring to CRD.


No old business items were reported.


The next FCRD board meeting conference call will occur on Wednesday, December 2 at 11am.


The board meeting adjourned at 12:06 pm (EST). Motion: Ms. Mann, second Ms. Rodriguez. Motion passed.