Board Meeting Minutes – September 29, 2015

Florida Council for Resource Development


September 29, 2015

Seminole State College, Center for Economic Development at Heathrow, Room 203


The meeting was called to order at 1:33 pm Ms. Nancy Botero and was handed over to Ms. Maureen Capp.



Nancy Botero (joined by phone)
Ellen Burns
Cindy Bruin
Maureen Capp
Daniel Cronrath
Ann Decker
Debbie Douma
Judy Green
John Gyllin
Cristie Kedroski
Sueellen Mann
Jennifer Peterson
Monica Rodriguez
Ed Siegel
Jackie Skryd
Aaron West

Absent: None


The minutes of the April 15, 2015, board meeting were approved.  Motion: Ms. Decker, second Mr. West. Motion passed.

The minutes of the June 17, 2015, board meeting were approved.  Motion: Ms. Green, second Mr. Gyllin. Motion passed.

The minutes of the July 22, 2015, board meeting were approved.  Motion: Ms. Decker, second Mr. Gyllin. Motion passed.


Ms. Green indicated that $7,300 had been collected for the FCRD Fall 2015 conference and 73 participants were registered to attend.  Fall conference sponsors included PFM and Goldman Sachs for $500 each. The FCRD account balance was $16,993.  There were no bills to pay at the time, but Mr. Gyllin said that the bills for the FCRD Fall 2015 conference snacks and reception would be coming soon.  Mr. Gyllin stated that the expense of the Fall 2015 conference were less than the revenue it generated.

It was noted that the following 2015-16 slate of officers was scheduled to be shared with the FCRD membership at the Fall 2015 conference on September 30, 2015.

First Vice Chair: Aaron West
Second Vice Chair: Jackie Skryd
Secretary: Jennifer Peterson
Treasurer: Judy Green, Cindy Bruin

New Board Members:
Dr. Ellen Burns
Daniel Cronrath



Executive Committee: Ms. Capp indicated that she had no new information to share at this time.

Board Governance: Revised bylaws were distributed to the board members. SueEllen Mann volunteered to lead the Board Governance Committee.

Communications: Ms. Skryd shared with the board that the next FCRD quarterly newsletter will be distributed in October. Ms. Skryd will be distributing a calendar that includes the future quarterly deadlines for the submission of information for the newsletter.  Ms. Skryd has the login information for the FCRD website and indicated that work will begin in the next couple of months to update the website. Ms. Rodriguez provided an update on the FCRD Facebook page. She will be adding pictures and content from the Fall conference to the Facebook page and encourages member to ‘like’ the page so it shows up on their feeds.

Goal 1 – Provide World Class Professional Development Opportunities Ms. Capp mentioned the value of potential collaborations with organizations such as AFC and CASE.  There was also discussion about whether FCRD has accomplished its strategic plan. Ms. Skryd suggested that subcommittees regroup before the next board meeting. Subcommittees will meet and put together a report of their progress and plans. Mr. Gyllin offered to make a presentation about CASE at the next FCRD conference.

Goal 2 – Strategically Communicate the Impact of our System: Ms. Capp will attend the October Council of Presidents (COP) meeting and plans to attend all future COP meetings. It was decided to remove the word ‘legislators’ in Goal 2 and replace it with COP. Also, Mr. Gyllin noted that he has an updated version of a power point on Goal 2 and he will email it to the board.


Executive Director of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC), Mr. Mike Brawer, attended the meeting and shared information about how AFC could partner with FCRD. AFC currently handles 20-22 subaccounts for organizations within the Florida College system, providing support services such as bill paying, reconciling accounts, and handling credit card transactions. AFC charges 3% on money that comes in; the 3% is billed once a year. This 3% fee is not charged on funds that the organization initially transfers in. AFC reconciles the accounts at least quarterly. AFC can also process conference registrations, however, the individuals registering for an FCRD conference would also have to be members of AFC. FCRD could have the option to continue to do our own registration and registration checks could be made out to AFC. AFC could connect FCRD with a professional meeting planner who could negotiate hotel contracts for FCRD conference.  This professional meeting planner would be paid through the hotel they are contracting with, not FCRD.  One advantage to this arrangement is that it removes the liability from FCRD in signing hotel contracts. The professional meeting planner charges $250 for 8 hours of time at a conference site to handle issues such as catering, room setup and A/V. Mr. Brawer agreed to send an email to Maureen Capp summarizing the services that AFC could provide to FCRD.

There was also discussion about the potential value of aligning FCRD conferences to occur when and where AFC conferences are held.


No old business items were reported.


FCRD board meetings will occur the first Wednesday of each month at 11am.  There will not be an October meeting, the next board meeting call will be on November 4th.


The next FCRD conference will be in St. Petersburg. Ms. Skryd is working to finalize the dates for the conference.


The board meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm (EST).