Board Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2016



Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST


The meeting was called to order at 2:11 pm by Mr Aaron West.



Cindy Bruin
Ellen Burns
Daniel Cronrath
Ann Decker
Judy Green
John Gyllin
Suellen Mann
Jennifer Peterson
Monica Rodriguez
Jackie Skryd
Aaron West

Absent: Nancy Botero, Maureen Capp, Cristie Kedroski                                    

The minutes of the March 2, 2016 board meeting were approved.  Motion: Ms. Decker, second Ms. Skryd. Motion passed. 

FCRD has approximately the same amount reported in the March Board meeting ($15,564). Spring 2016 conference registrations and sponsorships have totaled $17,000, and conference expenses have totaled $14,000 so far.                                                                     



  • COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Jackie Skryd noted that the April 2016 newsletter is in process. We are getting between 15-100 hits per posting on the FCRD Facebook page. Monica Rodriguez showed the new FCRD website to the Board. The address for the new site is Monica is working to link the new website address to Google so individuals are directed to the new website when they search. Jennifer Peterson will coordinate with Jackie Skryd and Maureen Capp to address updates to the membership list.=
  • SPRING CONFERENCE: 25 of the 28 Florida College System institutions will be represented at the spring conference. Eighty people have registered and we have seven sponsors (one at $250; 2 at $500 and the rest at $1,000). It is anticipated that FCRD will gain a $2,000 profit from the conference. The Board discussed the philanthropic initiative of FCRD members providing clothing items and donations for Melrose Elementary. A representative from Melrose Elementary was scheduled to attend the conference to accept the donations. We hope to continue the philanthropic initiative for future FCRD gatherings and conferences.
  • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: No report at this time
  • BOARD GOVERNANCE: Sue Ellen Mann and Ann Decker made minor edits to the bylaws and will send the updated version to the Executive Committee for review before the next conference call in May 2016.
    • Goal 1-Provide World Class Professional Development Opportunities for FCRD

The Board discussed engaging a broad group of members to learn about the topics they want at future conferences.

  • Goal 2-Strategically Communicate the Impact of our System

The Board discussed creating a powerpoint for the Council of Presidents that the Chancellor could present.  John Gyllin will have an update at the May Board meeting.



  • Revise Strategic Plan by September 2016: John mentioned that the overall plan is solid, but suggested looking at the measurables under each goal. The Board discussed collecting information from each college of the amounts raised though their grants and foundation offices. This information could be added together to demonstrate the collective impact of FCRD institutions. The Board discussed that it was important no one institution’s amount would be listed separately; rather, it would be a grand total of all the money raised by FCRD institutions. Jackie mentioned the possibility of collecting measures/benchmarks about other areas of success, like partnerships.  John will talk with Maureen further about the measures and benchmarks/measures.
  • Form Nominating Committee by July 16, present slate to Board by August 2016, elect new board member by September 2016: We need to nominate two new Board members. One will replace Nancy Botero and the other will replace Jackie Skryd as she moves up to first vice chair.  On Friday at the conference, Aaron West will announce these openings at the membership meeting. Aaron West, Monica Rodriguez, John Gyllin, Suellen Mann, and Cindy Bruin will serve on the nomination committee.
  • Select location for Fall Gathering 2016 and Spring Conference 2017: Miami and Lake City were announced as possible future locations. To help secure sponsorships, it is important to make efforts to plan FCRD gatherings/conferences 12 months in advance. The Board will discuss this more in future meetings.
  • FCRD Alumni Group for retired and former FCRD members: This topic was tabled for future meetings.



  • The Board discussed tracking schools who have not recently attended FCRD so we can reach out to them and encourage them to attend. We discussed asking people at the conference who are new to FCRD to stand so we can recognize them.
  • Judy and John mentioned SunTrust Bank contacted Dr. McGee at Seminole State regarding a Financial Literacy partnership. Judy and John will follow up with contact at SunTrust about the requirements and work with FCRD to write a proposal.



NEXT MEETING   May 4, 2016, 11:00 AM

The meeting adjourned by Mr. Aaron West at 3:53pm. Motion: Ms. Mann; Second: Ms. Skryd