Board Meeting Minutes – July 6, 2016



Wednesday, July 6, 2016
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
by Teleconference:
1-800 501-8979
Access code: 8683917

WELCOME: Maureen Capp

The meeting was called to order at 11:03 am by Ms. Maureen Capp.

ROLL CALL: Jennifer Peterson

Nancy Botero
Cindy Bruin
Maureen Capp
Daniel Cronrath
Ann Decker
Judy Green
Cristie Kedroski
Sueellen Mann
Matt Matthews
Jennifer Peterson
Monica Rodriguez
Jackie Skryd
Aaron West                              

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Jennifer Peterson
The minutes of the June 1 board meeting were approved.  Motion: Ann Decker, second Aaron West Motion passed.

The balance of the FCRD account is $17,141.30.  Motion: Ann Decker, second Nancy Botero. Motion passed.

CHAIR’S REPORT: Maureen Capp

  • CRD announcement: CRD has merged with CASE. There will not be a CRD conference this year. But we are welcome to attend the CASE Conference. FCRD is part of the Council of Presidents, not CRD. Although our names are similar, FCRD is not an affiliate of FCRD. Maureen Capp is adding information about the merger of CRD with CASE to the FCRD newsletter. Nancy Botero suggested getting a quote for the FCRD newsletter from the Chair of COP and also sending an email directly to FCRD members. Maureen is putting together an email and sending it to the members. This email will reiterate that FCRD will continue to exist.
  • By Laws: The description of the second vice chair position in the bylaws will be changed to read: “The second vice chair shall assist with committee functions and tasks. The second vice chair will be the first vice chair elect.” Motion: Ann Decker, second Nancy Botero. Motion passed. Maureen Capp will make these edits to the bylaws and send it out to the board.

There was discussion about changing Article 5 in the bylaws to adjust the date the FCRD Chair begins their term to July 1st to better align with the Council of Presidents. Currently the term begins at the Fall gathering. Aaron West made a motion to change this language to: “The terms will coincide the fiscal year.” Second Ann Decker. This change will be announced at the Fall gathering.

  • COP meetings Maureen Capp received an email from COP that they want a report from FCRD every month. They want us to complete the agenda report form. The board discussed what types of items to highlight, such as grant consortium awards. Nancy Botero discussed the importance of communicating the value of the work of FCRD members. What do we need to set up to be able to collect the information to present the monthly reports? Jackie Skryd mentioned the setting Google alerts to capture information.  Judy Green suggested including a report that shows an increase in funds raised this year. If we discuss TAACCCT grant projects, we also need to be prepared to answer questions about when next round of funding will be announced.  We will have a longer discussion at the August 6th FCRD board meeting to prepare key talking points for COP meetings and how we will collect this information on a regular basis.



  • NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Aaron West sent an email to those who volunteered to be on the nominating committee. There is currently one nominee for the board and one person who is interested in the second vice chair position.
  • FALL CONFERENCE: Matt Matthews, College of Central Florida

The Fall gathering dates are September 27th and 28th at the College of Central Florida. The Courtyard Marriott is confirmed, and the room rate is $92. The board meeting is 1-4pm at the hotel. The conference will be on campus of the College of Central Florida. Matt Matthews said they will offer a tour of the campus.  The welcome reception will take place at Appleton Museum, and a dinner may also be offered there. Maureen Capp discussed reaching out to sponsors and is sending out the sponsor package to the conference committee. Jackie suggested having Libby Livings-Essa, a Perkins specialist, come in to discuss the reauthorization of Perkins and how we are addressing it at our institution. Maureen Capp will contact this speaker about presenting at the Fall gathering. Matt Matthews is looking into his internal mechanisms on how to accept registration fees.

Jennifer Peterson asked questions about the Spring conference being planned by St. Johns River State College and Florida State College at Jacksonville. It may be too expensive to host the conference in central St. Augustine, as hotel room rates are $179 and higher. Judy Green recommended that hotel rates should not be higher than $159. Jennifer Peterson and Ellen Burns will continue to look into hotel options for the Fall conference, and will share an update at the next board meeting.

  • COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Jackie Skryd and Monica Rodriguez, Co-Chairs

Jackie Skryd said there was 71% response rate from colleges providing content for the newsletter. The latest newsletter will not list colleges in alphabetical order to give different colleges a chance to be featured. Continue to send announcements to Monica Rodriguez for the FCRD Facebook page. Monica Rodriguez will contact Judy Green to discuss the FCRD website.

  • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Nancy Botero, Chair
  • BOARD GOVERNANCE : Suellen Mann, Chair, Ann Decker, Co-Chair
    • Goal 1 – Chair: Maureen Capp

Provide World Class Professional Development Opportunities for FCRD

  • Goal 2– Chair: John Gyllin

Strategically Communicate the Impact of our System




NEXT MEETING   August 3, 2016     

ADJOURN: Maureen Capp
The meeting adjourned by Ms. Maureen Capp at 12:06pm.