Board Meeting Minutes – August 3, 2016


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

by Teleconference 

WELCOME: Maureen Capp

The meeting was called to order at 11:02am by Ms. Maureen Capp.

ROLL CALL: Jennifer Peterson

Ellen Burns
Cindy Bruin
Maureen Capp
Daniel Cronrath
Ann Decker
Judy Green
John Gyllin
Cristie Kedroski
Sueellen Mann
Matt Matthews
Jennifer Peterson
Monica Rodriguez
Aaron West

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Jennifer Peterson

The minutes of the July 6, 2016, board meeting were approved.  Motion: Ann Decker, second Aaron West. Motion passed.


The balance of the FCRD account is $17,141.30.

CHAIR’S REPORT: Maureen Capp

CRD announcement

Maureen Capp sent an email on July 8th informing he FCRD membership that the Council for Resource Development recently dissolved and entered into an agreement with CASE. This message reiterated that the CRD changes do not have an effect on FCRD. Maureen received questions back from FCRD members about dues they paid to CRD.

By Laws

Maureen emailed the FCRD board members the revised FCRD by laws.

COP meetings

Aaron West will attend the Council of Presidents (COP) on September 30, 2016 in Pensacola. Maureen will contact Mike Brawer to let him know that Aaron is the new FCRD contact for FCRD.




Aaron West gave an update about the upcoming slate of officers:

Aaron West is nominated to be the Chair.

Jackie Skryd is nominated to the First Vice Chair.

The nomination for the Second Vice Chair is still under consideration.

Jennifer Peterson is nominated to be Secretary.

Judy Green is nominated to be Treasurer.

Cindy Bruin is nominated to be Conference Treasurer.

Bill Shustowski is nominated to be a Member-at-Large.

Once the slate is determined, Aaron will send it to the board. FCRD board members will vote on the slate at the September 27th meeting. Aaron will let Bill Shustowski know to attend the September board meeting.

FALL CONFERENCE: Matt Matthews, College of Central Florida

A draft conference agenda will be sent out shortly. On September 27 there will be board meeting from 1-4pm at the Courtyard Marriott. A reception/dinner will be held on September 27 at the Appleton Museum from 5:30-8pm. Conference presenters on September 28 will include: Libby Livings-Essa (Career Pathways, Perkins) and Gregory Wright (Community Affairs Manager at Duke Energy). The conference ends at 3:30pm on September 28th. Doug Ryan consulting will setup the online registration. Maureen received Doug Ryan’s proposal to charge $4 per registration and $2 per nametag (he will not be onsite at the Fall conference).

Ellen Burns and Jennifer Peterson gave updates about planning for the Spring 2017 (April 5-8) FCRD conference. The World Golf Village in St. Augustine has a room rate of $149 but the food costs will be higher than conferences held on college campuses.  It was also discussed that it is preferable to keep conference registration fees no higher than $200. Ellen and Jennifer will bring the board a detailed list of conference options and costs for review at the September 27 board meeting.  Maureen will be putting together a package for sponsors.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Jackie Skryd and Monica Rodriquez, Co-Chairs

The new website is up and linked to the FCRD Facebook page. Monica will add conference information on the webpage and she has updated the sponsor page. Constant Contact email blasts could be helpful; Monica will discuss this with Jackie.


No report

BOARD GOVERNANCE : Suellen Mann, Chair, Ann Decker, Co-Chair

In our last meeting, we updated the board by laws and they were sent to the board.


  • Goal 1 – Chair: Maureen Capp

Provide World Class Professional Development Opportunities for FCRD

Greg Vaday, the Economic Development Representative for the Southeast Region for EDA would like to present at the Spring 2017 conference about EDA opportunities.  Maureen invited Rick Maher, from Maher & Maher, to present at the spring conference on sector strategies. ECivis is interested in attending and being a spring conference sponsor.

  • Goal 2– Chair: John Gyllin

Strategically Communicate the Impact of our System





September 27, 2016, 1-4pm
Courtyard Marriott
3712 SW 38th Avenue
Ocala, FL 34474

ADJOURN: Maureen Capp

The meeting was adjourned by Ms. Maureen Capp at 11:47am. Motion: Sueellen Mann, second: Cristie Kedroski. Motion passed.