Board Meeting Minutes – September 27, 2016


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

College of Central Florida

1:00 PM EST

WELCOME: Maureen Capp

The meeting was called to order at 1:12pm by Ms. Maureen Capp.

ROLL CALL: Jennifer Peterson                                         

Ellen Burns
Cindy Bruin
Maureen Capp
Daniel Cronrath
Ann Decker
Judy Green
John Gyllin
Cristie Kedroski
Sueellen Mann
Matt Matthews
Jennifer Peterson
Monica Rodriguez
Bill Shustowski
Jackie Skryd
Aaron West

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Jennifer Peterson     

The minutes of the August 3, 2016, board meeting were approved.  Motion: Aaron West, second Cristie Kedroski. Motion passed.


The balance of the FCRD account is $20,371.59.  There are funds from fall gathering registrations and sponsors that are also being collected.


Maureen Capp handed the meeting over to be led by Aaron West, the new FCRD Board Chair. Aaron described how the nominating committee met over the summer to recommend the slate of officers for the 2016-17 FCRD Board.  These 2016-17 board members include: Aaron West (Chair); Jackie Skryd (First Vice Chair); Cindy Bruin (Second Vice Chair); Jennifer Peterson (Secretary); Judy Green (Treasurer); Maureen Capp (Past Chair); and the following Directors: Ann Decker; Sueellen Mann; Monica Rodriguez; John Gyllin; Cristie Kedroski; Ellen Burns; Daniel Cronrath; and William (Bill) Shustowski.

William (Bill) Shustowski was approved as a new member of the board. Motion: John Gyllin, second Jackie Skryd. Motion passed.

The entire 2016-17 slate of officers were approved.  Motion: Ann Decker, second Judy Green. Motion passed.

Aaron introduced the board members to the membership on September 28th at the FCRD Fall Gathering.



COP meetings

Handouts from the August Council of Presidents (COP) meeting were shared with the board. Topics discussed at the August COP include the funding formula, reserve funds, and issues that may re-emerge in upcoming legislative session. Aaron’s first COP meeting is September 30, 2016 in Pensacola.


    • Goal 1 – Chair: Maureen Capp

Provide World Class Professional Development Opportunities for FCRD

Maureen Capp will continue to serve as the Chair for Goal 1. The board discussed creating a conference planning toolkit with information that can be shared with each future conference planning team. Maureen Capp, Jackie Skyrd, Ellen Burns and Jennifer Peterson will work together to collect information for the conference planning tool kit.  A summary report at the end of each conference will be important to add. This will be a valuable resource as we begin to plan conferences a year ahead. This information could be gathered through a sharepoint site or Dropbox. The committee noted that it would be worth a small fee to purchase access to a site like Dropbox that allows unlimited file storage space. Other FCRD information like minutes and bylaws could also be added as well. Judy Green and Monica Rodriguez will start researching file sharing systems. Jennifer Peterson offered to be the point person to add files to the site and keep it organized.

Aaron West asked what suggestions the board had to help achieve Goal 1. Monica said that the FCRD Facebook page and website advertise webinars and pertinent meetings, announcing information that is happening around the state. Jackie suggested actionable planning to engage Foundation staff more in FCRD. John Gyllin mentioned the excellent networking that occurs at FCRD events. Cristie suggested that the FCRD Chair could contact new individuals by letter or email. The board discussed that reaching out one-on-one may be more effective than sending out a survey. Jackie, Maureen and Monica are usually the first people on the board who get notified when a new member comes in to the system.  Aaron will work to reach out to new members. We discussed the need to keep the FCRD contact list updated and to pass the list around at conferences for members to review their institution’s information.

John mentioned that CASE is working to incorporate more professional development content for grant professionals. The board discussed how FCRD and CASE could partner to help each other; John said he will engage someone at CASE to contact Aaron.

There was discussion about broadcasting sessions from FCRD conferences to reach out to those who were unable to attend in person.  Jennifer suggested that this type of broadcasting may be better suited to webinars focused on specific topics of interest between FCRD conferences.

  • Goal 2– Chair: John Gyllin

Strategically Communicate the Impact of our System

Jackie mentioned that the social return on investment presentation at the spring 2016 FCRD conference was helpful in providing examples of better ways to tell our story. It is valuable for the FCRD Chair to attend COP meetings, and FCRD should provide funds so the Chair can attend COP.


Matt Matthews from College of Central Florida said that there have been 60 reservations for the 2016 FCRD fall gathering and 45 people were scheduled to attend the dinner at the Appleton Museum. Merrill Lynch and PFM are sponsors. Daniel suggested having a standing committee to work on recruiting sponsors for future FCRD conferences. Daniel, Ellen and Maureen have been the team working on sponsorships.


Ellen Burns and Jennifer Peterson shared information about planning efforts for the April 5-7, 2017 conference being held in Jacksonville. A draft conference agenda was shared with the board. The board discussed the costs and merit of having the conference at a college campus or hosting the entire event at a hotel.  The board supports moving forward with planning the entire conference at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Jacksonville. Save-the-date cards were distributed to the membership at the fall gathering.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Jackie Skryd and Monica Rodriguez, Co-Chairs

Monica is researching Constant Contact. Aaron will copy Jackie on his Council of Presidents reports.


No report

BOARD GOVERNANCE : Suellen Mann, Chair, Ann Decker, Co-Chair

A copy of the bylaws was distributed to board members at the meeting.

Future FCRD board conference calls will be scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month at 11am.



NEXT MEETING        Conference call at 11:00am on November 2, 2016

ADJOURN: Aaron West

The meeting was adjourned by Mr. Aaron West at 3:19pm.