Board Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2017


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST



WELCOME                                                                                          John Gyllin

The meeting was called to order at 11:02am by John Gyllin.


ROLL CALL                                                                                           Jennifer Peterson     

Cindy Bruin

Ellen Burns

Ann Decker

Judy Green

John Gyllin

Cristie Kedroski

Jennifer Peterson

Bill Shustowski

Jackie Skryd


APPROVAL OF FEBRRUARY 2017 MINUTES                                      Jennifer Peterson     

Approval of February minutes was tabled for a future meeting.


TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                       Judy Green

The balance of the FCRD account is $18,115.83. The treasurer’s report was approved.  Motion: Ann Decker, second Bill Shustowski. Motion passed.


CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                                John Gyllin

John Gyllin shared some overarching thoughts about the role of FCRD. More information will be discussed on this topic at the board meeting at the Spring 2017 conference.




  • Discussion regarding Executive Committee membership- follow-up

Jackie Skryd is scheduling a follow-up call with the nominating committee. The board has an opening for a member from grants as well as a member from the foundation side. There is an opening for the Second Chair and it must be a foundation person. Ann Decker noted the value of spending a couple of years on the board before taking an executive role. The board discussed the possibility if either Sue Ellen Mann or Cristie Kedroski would be interested in the Second Chair position. This discussion will be continued at the April board meeting at the Spring conference.




  • 2017 SPRING CONFERENCE: Jennifer Peterson, Ellen Burns

Jennifer Peterson and Ellen Burns gave an update of the Spring 2017 conference agenda, speakers and sponsors. As of March 8th, 45 people had registered for the conference. We are on track to meet the required number of room reservations at the Omni hotel.  John Gyllin and Jackie Skryd will present a session on Friday morning at the conference that explores the role of FCRD.




  • Legislative Activities


On March 8th, foundation directors were attending a House Appropriation Committee meeting in Tallahassee. The foundation directors also received a second letter requesting financial information by March 6th. The board discussed the importance of continuing to be consistent in out dialog and communication. The conversation about these recent legislative requests and the role of FCRD will continue at the Spring conference board meeting and Friday morning session.








April 5, 2017    2:00PM EST     Omni Hotel, Jacksonville


ADJOURN                                                                                                                          John Gyllin

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45am.