Wednesday, June 14, 2017

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST


WELCOME                                                                                          John Gyllin

The meeting was called to order at 11:01am by John Gyllin. 

ROLL CALL                                                                                           Jennifer Peterson

Cindy Bruin

Ellen Burns

Maureen Capp

Terry Grandal

Kris Christian

Ann Decker

Judy Green

John Gyllin

Cristie Kedroski

Jennifer Peterson

Monica Rodriguez

Bill Shustowski

Jackie Skryd

APPROVAL OF APRIL MINUTES                                                         Jennifer Peterson     

Motion: Ann Decker, second Maureen Capp. Motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                       Judy Green

Spring 2017 conference expenses have been paid. The FCRD account balance is $22,647.01

CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                                John Gyllin

John Gyllin emailed the FCRD Board the final CASE Blog on the 5 myths of the Florida lawmakers about our profession and what we do to impact this state. John noted that FCRD is a strong voice to provide information about the importance of what we do.

This item was based on pending legislation.  Since SB 374 was vetoed this is no longer the case.



  • June 2017 COP Retreat and recap: Jackie Skryd

Jackie Skryd attended the June 2017 COP retreat. COP discussed an additional $100 million budget request for 2+2 articulation programs, student support and workforce training. COP asks that a representative from FCRD attends their meetings in person and wants to see more engagement from FCRD as a subcouncil. FCRD can be especially valuable by providing data and statement of need information to COP to be used around budget requests. COP is forming a subcommittee to collect information and give feedback around this $100 million budget request; Jackie will serve on this committee.

The FCRD Board discussed if different Board members should attend COP based on who is geographically near where the meeting will occur. A smaller group comprised of Jackie, Kris, Ann, Bill and Maureen will start putting together a plan to help FCRD align more with COP. Judy Green recommended that FCRD updates to FCRD should always be substantial and not just a recap of our last conference.

The FCRD Board agreed to use FCRD funds to pay travel costs for representatives from FCRD to attend COP meetings.


  • Transition of Officers

We will transition officers at the Fall gathering. Jackie is still working to determine a location and date for the Fall gathering.

  • Fall gathering and spring conference sites

Terry Grandal from Miami Dade College suggested dates in April for the 2018 FCRD Spring conference in Miami. The FCRD Board reviewed calendars and agreed to hold the conference April 11-13, 2018. Terry said that they are currently pricing hotels. The Fall 2018 Fall Gathering location is still being determined. Potential sites include Daytona or Hillsborough. Tallahassee is a potential 2019 FCRD Spring Conference location.


  • Legislative update

See notes in Chair’s Report.

  • Looking at the 5 year DSO rule

A taskforce will work on this, examining the impact and interpretation of the legislation.

  • Telling our story

Communication strategies, beyond the newsletter, is an important topic the FCRD Board will continue to discuss at future meetings



July 12, 2017   11:00AM EST   Teleconference

                                                         ADJOURN                                                                                            John Gyllin