BOARD MEETING MINUTES – November 30, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST



WELCOME                                                                                          Jackie Skryd

Started at 3:02 pm

ROLL CALL                                                                                         Monica Rodriguez     

Jennifer Peterson, Jackie Skryd, Cristie Kedrowski, John Gyllin, Ann Decker, Monica Rodriguez, Bill Shustowski, Cleve Warren, Maureen Capp, Cindy Bruin

APPROVAL of August Minutes                                                          Monica Rodriguez     

Motion to approve: Ann, second: Bill; minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                       Judy Green

Jackie requests that Monica meet with Judy to get current dollar amount

CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                                Jackie Skryd



Ad Hoc Committee Reports –                                                 Jackie Skryd (Grants)

Communicating our Story                                                       John Gyllin (Foundation)

Started with this item first

Ad Hoc committee report: types of reports to share with COP

Grants side: redesign newsletters around themes; new format would release in a couple of issues. Jackie with Lisa Koogle to make changes.

Making headway with “spotlight” report—topics include workforce development, specifically TAACT grant (looking at summative evaluations/final reports) to make visual article on impact on the state—deadline for this was pushed up because governor requested from presidents to see what CCs are doing workforce-wise. We can use spotlight to show what we’re doing in this area with grants—that COP can use to report out to governor and others. Hopefully, finally Spotlight will be complete before holiday break

Next newsletter to be due 3rd week of January 2018 (18th or 19th)

Spotlights will be produced every quarter and newsletters will be produced every quarterly.

Foundation Side: Presentation made re: SB 540; Jackie then approached by several presidents to get some data points re: SB 540; information they could take with them to defend each point on the bill. Discussions on how best to present info to report out. Info received from 26 institutions—total fundraising costs $70 million, total staff costs $13.6 million, total revenue $162 million (most of it in endowments and restricted funds), total provided to college $67 million; 100% of colleges reported raising more for college than cost of staffing. Jackie emailed out data points.

Ava Parker is our point of contact.

Looking to pull similar information from university system—incl. what % of total brought in is restricted

Maybe CASE could be used—maybe to find comparison with nationwide

John says he can keep collecting information but first wants to make sure what data points are being requested specifically from presidents and legislators—but may look at info such as for every staff member reduction—there is a reduction in number/amount of scholarships for students

Cleve request clarification on DSO language re: use of personal costs.

2018 Spring Conference Planning                                          Monica Rodriguez

Caterer confirmed; reaching out to sponsors, working on confirming speakers (no related costs at this time—perhaps for a keynote speaker), lowering registration fee to $125 (at least for early bird) to encourage more colleges to be able to attend; hotel is $149

MDC  to call Inside Track because they want to do a workshop for Spring.


FKCC Donation Match Campaign                                           Judy Green

Jackie needs to get update from Judy

By-Laws Amendments                                                            Jackie Skryd

Moved to new meeting

June and July minutes need to be approved-Jennifer to send to board in the next couple of days


            Board Member Openings & Recruitment                              Jackie Skryd

Accelerate this process so we can get members on board ASAP—Jackie will need nominations over the next couple weeks and through the break; we can do vote at the next meeting—Jackie sends link out with form for nominations in a survey form we can fill out. We are esp. keen on seeing interest/nominations from CCs that have not traditionally participated.


None at this time.

NEXT MEETING                                                                                   Jackie Skryd

Wednes. Jan. 17 2018 from 3 to 4 pm

 ADJOURN                                                                                            Jackie Skryd

Motion to adjourn: John , second: Monica; meeting adjourned at 3:48 pm