BOARD MEETING MINUTES – October 18, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST


WELCOME                                                                                    Jackie Skryd

Jackie called meeting to order at 3:04 pm

ROLL CALL                                                                                   Monica Rodriguez

Bill Shustowski, Ann Decker, Cindy Bruin, Maureen Capp, John Gyllin, Jackie Skyrd,

Monica Rodriguez                                   

APPROVAL of August Minutes                                                  Jennifer Peterson      

Postponed because Jennifer not present at meeting

TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                 Judy Green

Postponed because Judy not present at meeting 

CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                            Jackie Skryd

  • Covered at COP: state authorization reciprocity agreement is play—allows us to accept/refer individuals in online learning (similar to accreditation in online learning)
  • FCS received student success center grant thru Jobs for the Future and Helios foundation/other funders. They will help executive director that deal with students success and interventions (math)—finding ways to improve initiative statewide thru this grant. Will be funding a lot of convenings
  • Funds to distribute mini grants to FCRD
  • COP submit legislative budget request (Jackie sent it to board earlier in the day)
  • Risk mgmt. consortium: 23/28 colleges involved—expecting rate increases for insurance because assessments have not been made in a while and will now be made every 3 years; may cause cost increases at CCs
  • FL Job Growth awards should be announced soon—they are close to selection
  • CIA/CSA local college access network discussed: collection of nonprofit, industry, govt., education and community entities that gather to address local challenges as selected by community, e.g., financial aid access, workforce, etc.


None to report 


2017 Fall Gathering Recap:                                                     Ann Decker

No numbers available yet but estimate of a small surplus finances-wise

Request from John Gyllin to create debrief report: How many attended? What institutions? Expenses incurred?, etc.

2018 Spring Conference Planning                                          Monica Rodriguez

Partial and Group Registration Fees discussed: board made decision to not move forward with partial registration for single or half days but may consider options for a group rate; topics to be tabled until next board meeting)

Monica to work with MDC to send survey to foundation members on what topics they would like to see at Spring Conference

Payment logistics: Monica and Terry to meet with Judy and Cindy re registration and payment logistics

Ad Hoc Committee Reports –                                                 Jackie Skryd (Grants)

Communicating our Story                                                      John Gyllin (Foundation)

Ways to share story: (1) restructure newsletter based higher level topics looked at with CIA/CSA (with cover sheet to sort newsletter by topic); (2) doing spotlights (create article that can shared with COP members) that is shared around post-award vs. new awards (new awards are already covered in newsletter); (3) provided speaking points for presidents on grants side (fun facts, quick stats) on what is taking place across the state (may be collected via survey, but this has not yet been decided)

Bill brings up point that there is a downside: if we present how well grants are doing/that we are finding ways to fund initiatives with grants—then we will be giving legislature incentives to do more cuts to programs, esp. because newsletter and other documents we create/present to COP become part of public; maybe leave it to COP to decide whether or not we move forward as we present to them possible pros/cons of moving forward


 Final Legislative Budget Request                                          Jackie Skryd

Highlights include $94 million in performance funding (for recurring funds)—which is not at risk. $75 million for workforce programming

How to find out more about what’s going on at the legislative end—with these COP repots (it’s public information)

FKCC Donation Match Campaign                                               Judy Green

Jackie will email out points on Friday



John mentions circulating “Better Than Good Enough” white paper

NEXT MEETING                                                                              Jackie Skryd

Tentative Teleconference: Thursday, Nov. 30 from 3-4pm

 ADJOURN                                                                                        Jackie Skryd

Meeting adjourned at 4:06 pm (Ann made the motion; seconded by Cleve)