Wednesday, January 17, 2018
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST


WELCOME Began at 3:04 once we received quorum                         Jackie Skryd

ROLL CALL                                                                                           Monica Rodriguez     

Cleve Warren, John Gyllin, Bill Shustowski, Jackie Skryd, Monica Rodriguez, Ann Decker, Maureen Capp, Kris Christian, Ellen Burns

APPROVAL of Minutes                                                                      Monica Rodriguez     

Motion to approve by Ann, seconded by Cleve; minutes approved

TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                       Judy Green

Jackie reported out what she knew on Judy’s behalf. Jackie will follow-up with Judy to get full update—incl. info on FCRD account’s current balance

CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                                Jackie Skryd

  • COP mtg: Jackie attended with John and learned more about proposed DSO language, wants to coordinate effort with state university system to advocate against that language; John to report more info during ad hoc report out.
  • Jackie provided copy of a report (our “In Spotlight” report, which issued on quarterly basis: “Florida Colleges Deliver”), which includes a summary of the impact of the TAACCCT grant statewide. Report received well.
  • FL Healthy Kids grant wants to provide funding to Florida College System (FCS)Foundation to get their assistance in distributing information on and contributing to outreach efforts for FL KidCare, to promote awareness/visibility. Potential $250K in mini grants
  • Center for Excellence granted to FCS by Jobs by the Future; first convening to be held at St. Petersburg College on mathematics pathways; Convening will take place between April 8-9; they’ve asked colleges to send faculty. Invitations to attend will likely come from presidents.



Ad Hoc Committee Reports –                                                 Jackie Skryd (Grants)

  • Next item coming up is newsletter/call out for newsletter info. Newsletter revamp upcoming to include core strategic areas tied to CIA/CSA
  • Working with Lisa Koogle on redesign/distribution—should be released by spring conference

Communicating our Story                                                       John Gyllin (Foundation)

  • Jackie submitted totals/ROIs; from follow-up perspective, COP asked to look further at what university colleagues are doing/their DSO language (SB 540/SB4) strategy, so he has reached out at FSU and UF.
  • Cleve volunteers to reach out to UNF counterparts as well. Bill to reach out to USF and Maureen to FAU.

2018 Spring Conference Planning                                          Monica Rodriguez

  • Registration, hotel information, and other conference information is up on website
  • USDOL workshop topic changed from one pre-award session and one post -award sessions to one pre/post-award session and one apprenticeships-related sessions
  • We have two sponsors thus far and raised $1,750 in sponsorships; we are $250 short of our goal but have 2-3 more prospects we’ll be looking into over the next couple of weeks
  • Nearly all speakers for grants, post-award/interdisciplinary (“Track C”) have been confirmed; have been working with MDC Foundation to confirm speakers for foundation track
    • Jackie suggest reaching out to contact at Nelson Fundraising advisors as possible sponsor/foundation-side speaker
  • Finalizing agenda, so that should be read in a couple of weeks to post to website and FB page
  • Jackie says MDC should reach out to their gov. rep. Victoria Hernandez (or someone similar) to provide legislative update


By-Laws Amendments                                                            Jackie Skryd/Bill Shustowski

  • Bill will share initial draft; needs to know any suggested changes by next Wednesday; please email him

Board Member Recruitment                                                  Jackie Skryd

  • Jackie will use survey to get feedback. Please share nomination requests with membership. Reach out and see if anyone is interested. There are two foundation vacancies.


Florida KidCare                                                                       Jackie Skryd

  • Goes towards assisting families. There is $15-20 a month per family, open enrollment; want to make faculty, staff, students aware of opportunity.

Higher Education Act – Title III Implications                          Jackie Skryd/Kris Christian

  • Proposed legislation completely eliminates this opportunity
  • We need to inform USDOL Program Officer how apprenticeships work in FL
  • FCS uses Ballard to lobby on our behalf; maybe we can work with them
  • Kris has spoken to HACU, AACC, and other orgs to speak to legislators
  • Next step: Kris, Jackie, Maureen, and others to meet offline to draft language to be sent to communicate with Ballard

BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS                     

NEXT MEETING                                                                                   Jackie Skryd

Looking or more consistent schedule of meetings—on days other than Wednesdays

Monica to set up Doodle to see when is best time to meet-keeping in mind COP meets 3rd Friday of the month

ADJOURN                                                                                                                    Jackie Skryd
Motion to adjourn by Cleve at 3:44 pm