Friday, March 16, 2018
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST 

WELCOME                                                                                          Jackie Skryd

ROLL CALL                                                                                           Monica Rodriguez     

Bill Shustowski
Chris Knife
Ellen Burns
Jackie Skryd
Jennifer Peterson
Kate Baxter
Matt Matthews
Maureen Capp
Monica Rodriguez        

Jackie welcomes new members.

APPROVAL of Minutes                                                                    Jackie Skryd   

Bill moves to approve, Chris seconds, no discussion; minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                       Judy Green

Report from Judy: $900 collected for FL Keys CC and matched by FCRD, so check total is $1,800 presented to COP and mailed to Frank Wood at Executive Director of the FL Keys CC Foundation

Current balance in FCRD acct as of 2/14/18 is $20,061.39

Proud to report we’re one of the few COP subcouncils that have cash flow.

In April, the board will meet to discuss how we can use how to use funds to helps members or improve communications.

CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                                Jackie Skryd

Welcome New Board Members!

Legislative Update:  Senate Bill 540 that included the creation of a state board of colleges and included language on a 20% cap on baccalaureate program for individual institutions and a 10% cap for the system died or was indefinitely postponed.

The Governor signed HB 75, which authorizes state colleges to waive student fees for active duty military service members. This bill will also help make higher education more affordable for our military men and women. HB 7055 passed and it has language relating to dual enrollment and disaster preparedness.

Appropriations – The Florida College System Program Fund will receive a slight increase of about $6.7 million, restoring a little less than 25% of last year’s program reduction of $30.2 million. Lottery funds will provide $60 million for performance funding ($30 million for state incentive and $30 million for institutional investment. $10 million has also been allocated for industry certifications.

FCS Innovation Summit: Jackie also attended the Chancellor’s Innovation Summit last week in Tallahassee. The Innovation and Excellence convening highlighted Florida’s 28 Colleges and their best practice programs focused on access, affordability, achievement/articulation and attainment. A best practices publication was given to all attendees and will be made available online at the Florida College System website.

Federal Legislation: Tracking PROPSER act; AACC providing advocacy moving forward; language has a heavy focus on financial aid.

There is also a proposal to eliminate Title III funding, shifting the budget instead to apprenticeships instead.

There has been travel to Tallahassee 3x in 3 months, and COP has given all councils, including FCRD, recognition on the hard work, esp. w/ providing them with info how DSOs will be affected, information provided on Spotlight newsletters, success stories, and otherwise communicating success of our system.




2018 Spring Conference Planning                                          Monica Rodriguez

Monica reports out of conference updates—requests workshop evaluation templates, announces spillover conference hotel; reports latest numbers of attendees/colleges to be present

Ad Hoc Committee Report –                                                   Jackie Skryd

Communicating our Story: Spotlight on Math Innovations

Data collection on what our colleges are doing in area of math; info to be collected for convening put forward by FCS Center of Excellence and for info to COP (innovations in development or implementation) by Friday, March 23, 2018, but the earlier the better


By-Laws Amendments                                                            Bill Shustowski

  • Amendments to be discussed fully in April so executive board can have face-to-face communications
  • Clean up language on eligibility, timeline, term eligibility, leadership roles; please peruse by-laws between now and April
  • Chris asks if suggested amendments can be sent out beforehand. Jackie says we can make recommendation in April and vote in May


Jackie to add item to next meeting: discuss process for reporting moving forward (esp. when we can be proactive on data instead of trying to scramble for data at the last minute)

Let Jackie know of any discussion points for April so it can be added to agenda

BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS                                                         


NEXT MEETING                                                                                   MDC – April 11, 2018



Jackie motions to adjourn, Monica seconds