Thursday, May 16, 2018   12:00 PM – 12:30 PM EST
Dial in #: 727-398-8420 Conference ID #: 571583

WELCOME                                                                                          Jackie Skryd

Jackie commences meeting at 12:01 pm

ROLL CALL                                                                                           Monica Rodriguez      

Jackie Skryd, Chris Knife, John Gyllin, Monica Rodriguez, Matt Matthews, Ellen Burns, Chris Knife, Cleve Warren, Cristie Kedrowski, Jennifer Peterson, Ann Decker   

APPROVAL of Minutes                                                                      Jackie Skryd

Cleve motions; Chris seconds; no discussion; minutes approved

TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                       Judy Green

$20,562.99; all payments made; no outstanding invoices; no outstanding sponsorships

CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                                Jackie Skryd

Jackie to make report to COP in mid-June 2018; meeting was postponed to later in month so it will coincide with FL Chamber annual mtg in Tampa; Jackie to give report in person with update on conference and newsletter; it will be minor report as there not have been too many/major changes; John will also be present at mtg.




Conference Planning

2018 Spring Conference Report                                 Monica Rodriguez

Excess funds: $3,970.71 in check sent to Judy Green; speaker returned honoraria saying his company unable to accept it so we will be receiving addtl. monies—Monica to find out how much. FCRD Spring Conference survey results-mostly positive (based on 36% response rate). Rating of conference hotel was only slightly lower category but next least expensive hotel would have been $300 a night

Monica to send out surveys to sponsors and speakers as well to help inform future gatherings/conferences

2019 Spring Conference – TCC           Jackie Skryd (on behalf of Heather Mitchell)

Cheapest hotel found thus far is $199 a night; John stated that the opportunity to be there during the legislature sessions could support increase in hotel cost; Ann/Cleve/Jennifer said it would not affect their ability to attend; Kris stated that for larger institution, it could just limit the number of people that could attend/be sent to conferences; Monica asks Ellen whether there is a cap on hotel costs per night and Ellen explains that that was Judy who said there may be a cap and that we should check out August/Sept. minutes as that was when it was stated; Jackie states this cap is for state employees; otherwise, cost is up to institution.

Maybe TCC should start looking at hotels not at city center; in any case, hotel needs to be secured soon because hotels fly fast since it’s in April when legislature is in session

Also, any legislative visits should be “pre-sessions” instead of embedded in general agenda—as many people may not be able to attend those sessions for a variety of reasons.

Slate of Conferences                                                   Jackie Skryd

Fall 2018: Daytona State College—Sept. 13-14, 2018

Registration ready by June 1; Almost all sessions have speakers already.

We’re doing well with sponsors. We may be able to use extra sponsorship funds raised to offset registration costs/make them lower.

Monica to send out sponsorship package to board members; board members to review sponsorship packages for next meeting.

Spring 2019: Tallahassee: April 10-12, 2019—Heather confirmed dates with Jackie

“Piggyback” off COP meeting that Thursday meeting / reception with COP

Fall 2019: Hillsborough Community College (still to be confirmed)

Spring 2020: Pensacola State College/Valencia College (still to be confirmed)

Fall 2020: Eastern FL State College

Spring 2021: FL Keys CC (still to be confirmed)

CIA/CSA want meetings to coincide with FCRD conferences in the future. Other consideration is incorporate gov’t relations team in sessions—esp. with legislative updates as Jackie has received feedback but that this helpful/has built good awareness




Florida Healthy Kids                                                    Jackie Skryd

Due June 29, 2018 to FCS; supports projects that design innovative health and dental insurance outreach strategies tailored to their specific campuses during the 2018-2019 academic year and provide awareness activities that facilitate communication and engagement to learn about Florida KidCare.

Monica to post grant guidelines on Facebook 

BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS                     

How do we find ways to engage/re-engage new members; Monica to take the lead

Jackie to send welcome message to new members; Monica to send Jackie list of new members/tag new members in directory

Chris reviewed Spring 2018 conference survey and sees that at least 50% of attendees are 5 years or less to FCRD/the industry; suggests putting together package for new comers, incl. new information what it is to be involved in FCRD, COP, statutes, etc. and creating cohorts/”class of 2019” to prepare new people to grow into leadership positions

John suggests an FCRD onboarding of sorts; Ann agrees these are great ideas.

Jackie announced that she is now Chief of Staff at St. Petersburg College, will still be involved in FCRD and serve immediate past chair once her term as chair is done. In her new role, she will be more involved in legislative relations 


June 21, 2018                                                                                      12:00-12:30

Possibility of no July mtg 


Adjourned at 12:38 pm