2014-2015 Board of Directors


The Chair

Nancy Botero
Vice President of Advancement and Foundation Executive Director
Broward College

The Chair presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors, acts as the chief officer of FCRD, chairs the nominating committee, and performs other duties assigned by the Board of Directors. The FCRD Chair, or the Chair’s designee, represents FCRD at the Council of Presidents (COP) meeting to provide recommendations and support related to resource development issues.

The First Vice Chair

Maureen Capp
Director of Resource and Grant Development
Palm Beach State College

The First Vice Chair presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors in the absence of the Chair, and performs such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors. The First Vice Chair also performs all duties which might or should be performed by the Chair when the Chair is ill, absent from the meeting, or otherwise incapacitated. The First Vice Chair is the Chair Elect and chair of the annual conferences and may sign conference contracts on behalf of FCRD.

The Second Vice Chair

Dr. John Gyllin
Executive Director
Seminole State College Foundation

The Second Vice Chair serves as the Conference Assistant to the First Vice Chair.  The Second Vice Chair must not have the same workplace responsibilities (that is, Grants or Foundation Officers). The Second Vice Chair shall also oversee committee functions and tasks. The Second Vice Chair shall be the First Vice Chair Elect.



The Secretary

Cristie Kedroski
Vice President of College Advancement
Northwest Florida State College

The Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors. The Secretary provides notices required in the By-Laws of FCRD. The Secretary has the responsibility for all books and papers as the Board of Directors may direct, all of which shall, at all reasonable times, be open to the examination of any Director.  The Secretary maintains all official documents of FCRD, including but not limited to: the Constitution, By-Laws, accurate membership data, and work plans.

The Treasurer

Judy Green
Florida College System Foundation

The Treasurer performs all the duties incident to the Officer of Treasurer, subject to the control of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer receives and deposits all monies, checks, and other credits to the account of the Council in such bank or banks or other depository as the Board of Directors may designate. The Treasurer signs all receipts and vouchers for payments and checks made by FCRD, only by the direction of the Board of Directors, jointly with such other officer as may be designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer enters regularly in the books of FCRD to be provided for that purpose a full and accurate account of all monies received and paid out on account of FCRD.

conference treasurer

Cindy Bruin
Director of Grants Development
Indian River State College


The Immediate Past Chair

Dr. Debbie L. Douma
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Grants
Pensacola State College

The Immediate Past Chair and Historian keeps accurate records of the organization’s milestones and, as Parliamentarian, if appointed, will maintain order at all meetings of the Council and/or Executive Committee.


Cindy Bruin
Director of Grants Development
Indian River State College

Ann Decker
Executive Director of Foundation,
Indian River State College

Suellen Mann
Executive Director
Palm Beach State College Foundation

Jennifer Peterson
Resource Development Officer
Florida State College at Jacksonville

Monica Rodriguez
Grants Associate
Miami Dade College

Ed Siegel
Director of Institutional Research and Grants
Pasco-Hernando Community College

Jackie Skryd
Executive Director of Grants Development
St. Petersburg College

Aaron West
Executive Director
Pensacola State College Foundation