Member Benefits

FCRD offers its members the following benefits:

Professional Development

FCRD offers an annual conference every spring and a member gathering every fall. These events feature workshops, round-table discussions, funder presentations, sponsor exhibits, and more.

Professional Contacts

FCRD facilitates networking opportunities among its members in the hopes that they will exchange ideas, best practices, and other resources. 

Sharing Expertise

FCRD provides it members with a strong network of peers who can help them acquire new skills, collaborate as statewide or regional partners, and advance the field of resource development.


The FCRD Board of Directors meets regularly to discuss and exchange ideas related to FCRD governance. In addition, FCRD members are invited to its annual membership meeting—in conjunction with the fall gathering or spring conference—to discuss topics of mutual interest to members.

Employment Opportunities

Resource development job postings from our 28 members institutions are announced on the FCRD website and Facebook page.