FCRD Spring Conference 2018 Presentation 

Adlar Garcia (Miami Dade College) – Synergy with Alumni Relations

Debbie Douma (Pensacola State College) – Prior Experience Points, Who Needs Them? A Practical Guide to Winning a New TRIO Grant Award

EMSI Analyst Tool Demonstration

Julie Assel (AGS) – Advancing Grant Readiness

Khalid Yasin (PFM) – Sustainable and Impact Investing

Pamela Lloyd (Miami Dade College) – Resource Development Internship: How to Train College Personnel to Help Build Out Your College’s Grant‐Writing Capacity

Raymond Smith (USDOL) – Apprenticeships (PPT)

Raymond Smith (USDOL) – Apprenticeships (Handout)

Russell Correa (Zeta Consulting) – Psychology of the Reviewer

WestEd – Demystifying Evaluation

FCRD Fall Gathering 2016 Materials

H.R. 5587 (House Perkins Reauthorization Bill) Legislative Summary & Analysis

Libby Livings-­Eassa Presentation Workbook (PDF)

Libby Livings-­Eassa Presentation Workbook (Word)

Libby Livings-­Eassa Presentation PowerPoint (PDF)

Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act Informational Sheet