Interested in becoming more involved with FCRD? Consider volunteering!

What do our volunteers receive in return? FCRD volunteers get the opportunity to help guide the future direction of FCRD, enhance the quality of their membership, and advance their careers.

There are many opportunities for getting involved at our organization. Please read the descriptions below for more details and email the committee chairperson to find out more about how you can volunteer for FCRD.

Communications Committee
Tasks: Make website updates, post on social media accounts, and develop and distribute the FCRD newsletter and special reports for the membership.

Chairperson(s): Jackie Skyrd, Monica N. Rodriguez

Conference Committee
Tasks:  Help develop agenda for annual spring conference and fall gathering, develop a slate of potential topics for workshops, recruit speakers and sponsors, and assist with marketing for conferences.

Chairperson(s): Lisa Koogle (this position changes seasonally)
Conference treasurer: Cindy Bruin

Nominating Committee
Tasks: Recommend slate of new officers and board members to be voted upon at the annual FCRD membership meeting.

Chairperson(s):  John Gyllin


Professional Development and Education Committee
Tasks: Coordinate with other professional organizations and develop high-level
professional development experiences for FCRD members

Chairperson(s): Maureen Capp

Membership Committee
Tasks:  Define the institutional membership, review current member benefits,  and make recommendations to increase membership from college that are being underrepresented.

Chairperson(s): Judy Green, Christie Kedrowski

Organizational Effectiveness Committee
Tasks: Strategically communicate the impact of our system by creating presentations with specific messages for the Chancellor and other spokespersons on the impact of the system and the importance of investments from companies and individuals; identifying key messengers, perception influencers, legislators and grantors whom FCRD will cultivate and inform regarding the importance and impact of FCRD; and engaging with Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) leadership to create a stronger presence through joint activities and join communications.

Chairperson(s): John Gyllin, Ann Decker, Judy Green